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    i ran my antivirus and noticed that my computer has contracted adware using the bridge.dll file. I attepted to delete them, but know when i boot my computer i get a "cannot find bridge.dll" is there any way to change this so that i don't get the error message upon my startup? thanks for the help!

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    If you are using Win 98/Xp run MSconfig (from the run bar) and see what stuff is set to start up. Turn off anything you don't need.

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    Here are full removal instructions.
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    Irongeek, I know you're fairly well respected around here so I'm not really dissing you.
    I don't think that giving [the]Punisher the advice to disable it though msconfig is the right advice to give. Isn't it better to have the keys removed in the registry as muert0's link suggests ? Better advice (possibly easier) would be to use hijackthis to delete the entries.

    The thing is about this malware, is that there just isn't that bridge.dll file that's dumped onto the box. Really one should run spybot S&D, AdAware SE, then run hijackthis to clean up afterwards. Of course, it's best to post a hijackthis log and let "experts" point out which entries are safe to delete.

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    Bridge.dll often times comes with dp-him.exe, and one other one...ummm..omniscient.exe maybe??

    The reason you are getting the error message is baceuase you have an orphaned registry entry that is trying to run the .dll, but since it is no longer there, you are getting the error.

    If you run HijackThis, and remove the line that calls the bridge.dll, you will no longer get the error message. It will show a bunch of other things too, so don't start removing stuff you don't recognize. You can completely fuxor your system.

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    hi groovicus.. That omniscient.exe is part of Searchassistant along with wsaupdater.exe.. I believe.. there are a couple of malware types that utilitize a bridge.dll.. one is Loudmarketing-WinFavorites

    another is the w32.briss "trojan" variants.

    each have other individual files associated with them.

    that dp-him.exe is dealhelper.. is it not ? (come on groov, you da hijackthis man, don't let us down.. lol.. )

    and uh btw, thanks for posting about that Prevx program even though it does seems to interfere with my son's "remoteaway" program that he uses to clone aim sessions.
    I'm still to chicken to test it out on all the CWS sites.. I don't want to possibly bugger his box and all my boxes are in storage.

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    i've got da same problem before, put in a thread... da solution given before seems to work..

    try this thread, sure it will helped!

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