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    Writing virus

    In our curriculam we studied about the various types of virus and the method Theoretically.But I want to know the coding part is there any tutorials/guides study about virus... I DONT WANT REAL VIRUS. A SIMPLE HARM LESS VIRUS. just explaing the replication / infection... /macro virus....

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    Virii can replicate many different ways. Look these up:

    Mass mailers: Netsky and Bagle
    Network aware: Sasser and Blaster
    Server: Scob
    Boot Sector: Diablo

    For Trojans: Sub7, Diablo, Netcat

    Other than that:

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    If you wanna study the source code of some viruses to see the mthods used and the code used, here is a nice website with source codes !


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    Look on www.astalavista.com theres a few disassemblys of the major viruses to hit use all last year, there of course in ASM but If you clear your mind ASM becomes understandable.... I think someone reversed the blaster binary and produced a C representation of it, excluding the transmission code...I think

    Since llot of the in-famous viruses are written in ASM, you might find if useful to disassemble some that u perhaps receive, I dunno whether your like me but I get sent the "sven" virus in my email all the time, so you could perhaps start with that, BUT DO IT ON A TEST COMPUTER THATS NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERENET, THAT YOU DONT MIND FSCKING UP!


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