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Thread: BeOS vs Windows XP

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    BeOS vs Windows XP

    i am doing a assigment ..about BeOS vs WindowsXP..
    Can anyone give me some information pls...
    because i don't know anything about BeOS!!
    give me the information of advantages and disadvantages of both OS


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    Doesn't sound like you'd learn much if we just gave you that information (not that I know). That sounds like a hands on project where you would use each of them for a period of time then give information based upon your experiences. I recommend you do that . Peace.

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    Hint -- if you have an assignment to show the differences and such for two different operating systems, I would research both of them and then make a comparison of the different features.

    Now a quick search of google led me to these results http://www.google.com/search?hl=&cat=&meta=&q=beos. All I inputted into the search field was beos and got several relevant results back on the first page. Reading through some of those would give you an overview of what BeOS is about. Then you could do the same with Windows XP.

    You could be the only one whom could tell what your instructer might be looking for in a comparison. So you are the one that should be looking up the relevant information.

    As h3r3tic said, you wouldn't learn anything if we just spoon feed you, but if you research the information yourself, not only will future searches become a lot easier, but you might actually learn what the differences are between the two OS's.
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    Doesn't this belong in Operating Systems forum ?

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    You've already been given the best information you could be given....last time I decided to download BeOs again, it had an option to install it in the same partition as windows, kinda like Mandrake does (or did). You don't have to reformat and add seperate partitions. It won't run as fast, but you'll still get the experience you need for the paper. The one thing that made me not use it regularly, is what makes a lot of people not want to use linux....it doesn't support much (read: as much, or their particular) HW, though admittedly, it does quite a bit. The programs aren't there, or if they are, they aren't up to par. I'm not ragging it, it very well could be an excellent OS, there just wasn't enough there for me to continue using it enough to even begin to to touch on the security aspects of it. If more people jumped on the bandwagon and decided to develop it, (like Linux), it could be great, but the support isn't there.
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    I hate these "vs" questiosn, they really annoy me....yea ok theres always gonna be a benfits of one and benfits of the other, but really gets tiring, these questions are everywhere over the internet, ie.- windows vs linux vs bsd vs solaris...I dont really see that it matters if your clever enough you'll always be able to provide workarounds, ytea sure doing this isnt ideal but then theres disadvantages of using the one that you dont need a workaround on and vise-versa.

    Oh yea! and use google!

    I felt sorry for your stupidity at not using google so heres a link I found...http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=3064

    academic work is nearly always about expanding on something thats already there, very few undergraduate pieces of work are about coming up with something new, what made u think that these comparisons hadnt been made before!

    ohh yea welcome to AO :-)


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    thank ...i will try my best for searching by myself

    i know how to use google for seaching!!!
    i here for a view of u guy ....
    thk for all the information and i will try mybest by doing all by myself
    i will try to do use two of the op first than write my own opinion..
    when i finish can i let u guy check...
    thk ...h3r3tic,moxnic,bludgen and i2c

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