DIY phishing kits hit the Net

By John Leyden, The Register Aug 19 2004 7:53AM
Do-it-yourself phishing kits are being made available for download free of charge from the Internet, according to anti-virus firm Sophos. Anyone surfing the Web can now get their hands on these kits, launch their own phishing attack and potentially defraud computer users of the contents of their bank accounts. These DIY kits contain all the graphics, web code and text required to construct bogus websites designed to have the same look-and-feel as legitimate ecommerce sites. They also come with spamming software. Scam emails that form the basis of phishing attacks commonly pose as 'security check' emails from well-known businesses. These messages attempt to trick users into handing over their account details and passwords to bogus sites. Hundreds of thousands of phishing emails are sent across the internet each day and the ready availability of phishing kits can only spur this trend.

Damn kiddies/nigerians too lazy to do it themselves.

Just where would one find such a "kit"? You know... for experimental/educational purposes.
I often joke in my AFKs that "I'm gone phishing." That would bring a whole new meaning to it....

Normally.. my "phishing kit" contains a stereo and lots of batteries, at tent, sleeping bag, some changes of clothes and a huge cooler full of beer... but not that phish has retired... no more phishing for me.