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Thread: Disable Delivery of XP Service Pack 2

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    Disable Delivery of XP Service Pack 2

    Automatic Delivery of XP Service pack 2 could be a problem to some administrators. Microsoft is distributing service pack 2 as a critical update, that means all XP machines set for auto-update will install service pack 2. In my network that is disasterous. Test machines with XP serice pack 2 fail to communicate with core applications and I have software vendors working on it. Thankfully there are THREE ways to disable delivery of XP Service pack 2.

    1. Miscrosoft has developed a GPO template you can download, this requires Active Directory.
    2. A script can be delivered to user email accounts, they click the script and XP will not install service pack 2 via autoupdate.
    3. MS is distrubuting a signed executable that can be executed on client pcs.

    Microsoft is only allowing 4 months before the autoupdate disable function expires. This is part of their long term strategy for security and they want everyone to install it. Of course one can always permenately remove autoupdate as an option.

    Toolkit for blocking: Here
    Faq reguarding blocking: Here
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    Using SUS server and not approving the update is another neat little trick for this too.....
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