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Thread: The DNA of SPAM

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    The DNA of SPAM

    A technique originally designed to analyse DNA sequences is the latest weapon in the war against spam. An algorithm named Chung-Kwei (after a feng-shui talisman that protects the home against evil spirits) can catch nearly 97 per cent of spam.

    Chung-Kwei is based on the Teiresias algorithm, developed by the bioinformatics research group at IBM's Thomas J Watson Research Center in New York, US. Teiresias was designed to search different DNA and amino acid sequences for recurring patterns, which often indicate genetic structures that have an important role.
    Read it here.

    97%....thats impressive. What's really cool is how it is able to see through some of the text tricks that spam filters are vulnerable to. IBM plans to use it in SpamGuru but let's all hope that an open source version comes out too!
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    97%?! Holy crap, now that's impressive. Thanks for the article! On another note, from what I've heard, Gmail's spam filter only catches 65% in the tests. I'm disappointed with that, I expected more, but even if they didn't make it more effective and catch more I'd still use Gmail, it's friggin' awesome. Has anyone heard of any plans of Google to make it better?

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    I'll go out on a limb here and repeat myself (I've mentioned it in eleventy-dozen threads...). If you use pop mail, you owe it to yourself to check out www.mailwasher.net as it does a wonderful job....although I'm still impressed by the 97% figure mentioned above.
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    Well seeing how one product already reduced about 90% of my spam I will wait to see what this product may do if it released Open Source. I still find it funny that Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL created the spam problem for years ignoring admins complaints and yet today offer together to solve the problem. Oh what is the price of that upgrade? But this is a product to watch but nothing better then someone actually watching and arriving email thread and tweaking what is already out there.
    Excellent Thread..spam has a DNA now oh well I am going to be a grandfather the fetus is called sea monkey for now lets see what DNA I passed to this child

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    But spam is informative and interesting. I refinanced my home to buy that herbal Viagra.

    But seriously, I read a letter to the editor in the most recent issue of Technology Review - the author pointed out an interesting observation. He's been using e-mail to communicate with members of various groups and organizations. More and more often, he sees less responses to these e-mails. Peope have to wade through a ton of crap to find a legit mailing - how long can that last? I believe he frames it as such: If people had to sift through a pile of garbage to get to the morning newspaper, how long would people keep subscribing to that paper?

    Hopefully this algorithm will help, and stop the potential death of email as a valid communication method.


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    SPAM and something chinese? orange spam?.....yeah bad joke but oh well

    Thats impressive but unfortunatly someone will work around it and it will be useless!

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