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Thread: file sharing issues

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    file sharing issues

    Hi, here is the scenario:
    I have a desktop running winxp home connected to a router via ethernet. I have a laptop running winxp pro connected to the router via wireless. I need to transfer many files from the desktop to the laptop. I enabled sharing for the whole D: drive on the desktop where files I need are located.

    I can use the laptop to access the D: but many folders give out a message saying that I don't have access to the resource or that the resource is in use. I was not using any of the folders and for this operation I have disabled all passwords but still it tells me that I can't access many of the folders on the desktop's drive. It is very weird that I can access some folders and some others are restricted. There are no permissions setup on any of the machines, on both of them I have administrator access.

    Is this some kind of compatibility issue between xp home and xp pro? Or some security feature that windows enables? Any ideas about whats going on here?



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    I hope you are not online with either of these computers cause you completel vulnerable. You are basically running around on a battlefield but naked flicking people off (sorry I am not sure where that came from).

    I have experienced some issues with Home and Pro compatibility issues. I would then add permission on the computer that is going to act as the server. I would then create a network drive. Make sure that all computers are on the same workgroup. And that the XP firewalls are disabled.

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    first of all, you probably would be more successful creating a share on XP Pro and then using your XP Home to copy over (the opposite way of what you are doing)

    secondly, are you trying to cut or just copy? if you are trying to cut it looks like your xp home is using the default simple file sharing and the permissions are for read only (hence why i suggested the other method being that you can turn off simple file sharing on xp pro)

    finally, the passwords are not an issue it is definately a xp home issue (xp home was not originally designed to do large scale file sharing or even very basic -- as far as networking capibilities go, xp home sucks imho). I would reccomend that you put the passwords back on (for security's sake) and just make the usernames and the passwords the same on both computers. what this does is creates a way for windows to automatically authenticate using IPC
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