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Thread: Silly question

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    Re: Silly question

    Originally posted here by LordWire
    What is meant by "c" being portable
    As Lepeicaun said, it is were you can take C code written for one operating system and and modify it so it can run on another operating system.

    (Example: Taking a source code written for Windows, and modify it so it will work on the Mac.)

    For example, if we were to look at this code

    void main()
    This application would run fine on a Windows/Dos system, but when I compile and run the same code on my Slackware system I would get an error because the command "cls" is not a valid Bash command. In order to get this code to work on Linux I would need to modify it (port it) to Linux and change the system("cls"); part to system("clear"); as shown below

    void main()
    and then it would work without problems on Linux. I hope this explains it. I more then likely confused you. I would do a quick search on Google and look up the term "Porting" and "Port Code" and you should find a definition you should understand.

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    Originally posted here by The Grunt
    To my knowledge there is no AV software that scans linux machines for viruses. All I have seen is AV software that runs on linux that checks all the other win boxes on a network or scans emails for viruses (mailserver).
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus. They have it for linux servers, primarily Mail and File servers, but it can be configured to scan the entire machine for viruses.

    Oh, and you can also write portable C in mind. For almost any language being ported to multiple platforms this has to be kept in mind -- even with Java, although Java has tools that way ease portability.
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