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Thread: Ted Kennedy on Terrorist Watch List

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    Ted Kennedy on Terrorist Watch List

    Ted Kennedy was denied a seat on a flight because he is on a terrorist watch list:


    It turned out that Kennedy was on the Transportation Security Administration's "watch list" of suspicious people who might be linked to terrorism.

    Kennedy, relating the story to his colleagues and members of the bipartisan 9/11 Commission this past week, asked, "How in the world are average Americans going to be treated if they get on that list?"

    There were some jokes about "Irish terrorist" and Republican vengeance against a liberal icon, but nobody had an acceptable answer.
    Is the war on terrorism really martial law?

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    Well good ole Teddy does have some history with people dying around him etc....and he looks like he's had enuf booze in him to be flammable.....

    Could you imagine how po'ed he must have been.

    Thanks for th story!

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    too bad they couldnt deport him.

    so are you saying because a "perfect" system isn't available we should do nothing? wake up boy! their are literally thounds of people out there that would truely give up their lives for the chance to get into this country and kill YOU, your friends and family. don't you think trying to stop this might be worth a little inconvience?
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