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    So many, many years ago, back in the days before Y2K, when being a CNE actually meant something and before AOL farmed out their tech support to India, I too, was an (outsourced) AOL Helpdesk Techie. Heaven help me, I really needed the money.

    Now, if that's not funny enough, I get this inbound call one day...

    "Thank you for calling America Online, This is me, may I have your name and phone number to verify your account status?"

    Older Gentleman - "Yassir, mah name is (deleted), phone number (deleted). I jes wanted ta call you and thank you for that fine shaving mirror y'all sent me."

    "... Shaving mirror, sir?"

    "Yup, that nice round one with the hole in tha middle where I could tie it to my wall! I used it this mornin, and it worked REAL Fine!"

    "........(surpressing laughter) Ummmm sir? That mirror. Does it have AOL version 5.0 on one side? (told ya this story was old)"

    "Yep, and it's mighty fine. Thank you!"

    "Sir, I'm very glad you enjoyed the use of the mirror we sent you. If you'd like, we can put you on our mailing list and send you one every time a new version of AOL comes out..."

    "Why that'd be a fine thing!"

    "But sir, one thing before you go, do you happen to have a computer in your home?"

    (overheard as the phone is being hung up) "HEY MABEL! Do we have a Computer?"

    Welcome to my world.
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    LOL so many tech supports are like that.

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