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Thread: Tracking a Computer

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    Tracking a Computer

    Hi All,

    Iíve been playing online poker for a while. Recently my roommate decided she wanted to try playing as well so she tried signing up. She was using my computer (she doesnít have one) and she got blocked, with a notification saying that it detected we already had an account on their network and that she wasnít allowed to create another account. We thought that the poker site was blocking more than one account from playing on the same IP so we reset the IP by redialing into our ISP. For good measure, we also cleared all our cookies and temporary Internet files and re-installed the poker software. When she tried signing up again she still got blocked and got the same message saying that she canít create an account. I thought maybe the poker client was creating some hidden file or something so did a search but nothing suspicious came up with that either.

    So the question I want to pose is: can poker sites keep track of MAC addresses or other hardware info from our network cards or modems either directly or from the packets sent? If not, how do they know that it is my computer trying to create another account? Right now I have no other explanation of how they are able to identify my computer. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    For on-line poker and some other gambling sites, there is a download that you install.
    When you access the site, it calls home and after the 'handshake' it allows you to access your account and lose more money.
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    Yep, if you had to download software to play, then you also probably agreed to allow some cookies be placed on your computer as well. So as per Foxyloxley after the handshake (identifying your computer), you then can access your account. Additionally there are other ways they can tell which computer it is.

    Iím sure you can email them and create two accounts so she can play as well. Or better yet, let her play with your money! You can pretend youíre already married and watch your money disappear

    Sorry couldn't resist that one.

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    umm..whats with online poker today? Why can't you people play something like BF1942, enter the matrix, mario bros or something along that nature that is productive? Like everybody said they can. Basicly its just code: check out this site to see proof of what they can do:


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    that is really awesome

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    umm..whats with online poker today? Why can't you people play something like BF1942, enter the matrix, mario bros or something along that nature that is productive? Like everybody said they can. Basicly its just code: check out this site to see proof of what they can do:
    Because you can't make money on BF1942.

    Back on topic:

    Online Gambling games usually will allow only 1 Computer per network to connect on their servers for security reasons. I tried connecting on party poker with my laptop and PC at the same time, and it wouldnt let me. Imagine, I'd be playing with 2 hands...increasing my chances of winning. I could also manipulate the table to scare the other players off.


    To answer your question more precisely, give party poker a call and ask your question

    +1 888 206 4659 Toll-Free (USA & CANADA)

    or e-mail them:

    # General Comments:

    # Bonus and Promotions related inquiries:

    # Account Information related inquiries:

    # Game related inquiries:

    # Tournament related inquiries:

    # Disconnections and refunds related inquiries:

    # Technology related inquiries:

    # Cashout or Deposit related inquiries:

    # Affiliate Program and Marketing inquiries:

    # General Marketing inquiries:

    Quite a few of these games use the same software with little modifications to distinguish them from each other. They generally use the same identification/ authentication methods. Party Poker and Empire Poker are almost the same exact thing...although they deny that in their FAQs

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    It is common for subscription sites, MUDS etc to blacklist or warn users who create multiple accounts/ connect to services from identical IP addresses. The solution would be, assuming you were on a DHCP - as you are, to disconnect and reconnect. That would at least get one computer on. My old narrowband ISP did not always assign a new IP when I redialed up (Though this is improbable - it's worth checking an ipconfig /a before you start running through the motions)

    I encountered a similar problem with a subscription site. The easiest thing for me to do was to connect via a proxy server. CAWS was my weapon of choice - and what's more delicious it is free.

    It is unlikely (if possible) that the server is storing hardware information of a 56k dial-up modem :/ I wouldn't like to state my life on that assumption - but I doubt it. I can't even remember how dial-up technology works *titters*.

    I presume by mac address you're stating one of you is connected and you share this dial up via two network cards. As this is internal - the addresses will not be seen by the outside server.

    Hidden programmes are a possibility. Some installs hide files (usually within your Win directory) or make registry entries which are not uninstalled with their custom uninstallers.

    Arghhhhhhhhh - I suggest buying a tux and visiting your local casino.

    Or similarly, as above, contact them

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