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Thread: can't rid my computer of Spoton

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    can't rid my computer of Spoton

    I cannot get rid of Spoton (is this irritant spyware or adware???)

    I've tried Spybott search and destroy, Spy Sweeper and Aluria Spyware with no luck. Also found several recommendations on the web for manually deleting it, but the files/folders and registry entry's mentioned do not exist on my computer.

    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated since the beast pops up avery 2 -3 web pages visited.

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    erOK, Yes I have been to and tried the recomendations and/or software at each of the four sites you posted.

    In all 4 cases, either the files and registry keys are not on this computer so that I can delete or modify them nor does the spware software find and delete SpotOn.

    The first link talks about removing the spotonbh.dll file, I can't find the file nor the directory it is supposed to be in.

    The second link is for aluria spyware software, it leads you to believe their software will find and remove it....bought it....didn't work!!!!

    The third link talks about killing the processes xclean.exe and persbytes.exe and delete the folders c:\program files\xmod and c:\program files\reg2. These files and folders don't exist anywhere on my computer.

    Kill these processes:
    Remove these folders if present.
    c:\program files\xmod\
    c:\program files\reg2\

    And the fourth link discusses deleteing a registry key that doesn't exist on my computer "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\browser helper objects\{001dae60-95c0-11d3-924e-009027950886}........And again unregistering spotonbh.dl and deleting, but the file doesn't exist.

    I've been researching and trying to solve this for 4 days now and getting nowhere. It would have taken less time to wipe the drive clean and start over ...sigh...

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    dunno man.. sounds pretty hellish. If i were you, i would try for a few more days, and if to no avail, backup important **** and reinstall.. but thats just me

    edit >> are you sure its spoton?

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    You didn't say you have tried Ad-Aware so (if you haven't) I would highly recommend you install it, update it, and run it. It's free from www.lavasoftusa.com. Let us know how that goes!
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    Yes I have tried ad-aware.

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    What made you think its Spoton? It leads me to believe that the files that if all the files that the spoton removers say to remove aren't there, then it's probably not spoton. What lead you down this path to start with? Describe what the problem is. It sounds like you're getting some sort of popup?

    Also, you can visit http://www.ro0t.com/~zenger/blog and goto the tools section on the left. Those are a good bunch of spy/adware removal tools. About:Buster will remove any spyware that you have the modifies you about page. APM will allow you to kill a single DLL running with a process. CC and CWShredder are good tools for removing spyware too. Ad-Aware, HiJackThis and Spybot are also in there but you have said you've tried all of those. I would give all of these tools a run just to see if there is something that they might catch.

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    I looked up your little problem on spyware-guide.com and here is what the advert is and the steps to remove it. I hope this helps you.


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    If you're really stuck you could try this and let the rest of us see what we can see.

    If you don't already have HijackThis, Download HijackThis from http://www.spywareinfo.com/downloads...HijackThis.exe and create a log.

    Run the program, and press Scan.
    You will notice the Scan button will turn into a "Save Log" button.
    Save the log and Post that log here.

    DO NOT Delete or modify anything yet, as some of it is needed to keep your system in Good Shape.

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    When you are looking for these files have you got your system to View ALL Files? ie Hidden as well as Protected files..
    HAve you also checked for these files using the commond prompt? Safe mode and command prompt...even..

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