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Thread: MS Windows DCOM RCP interface Buffer Overrun

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    MS Windows DCOM RCP interface Buffer Overrun


    i heard about this hole in windows can any body tell me about it

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    tell what?

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    MS Windows DCOM RCP interface Buffer Overrun
    Don't you mean "MS Windows RPC DCOM interface Buffer Overrun"

    Start here:


    this has a link to here


    Then you could have just done some google'ing for MSBlast and Gaobot, nachi etc.. or just plain ole "RPC DCOM"

    if your intention is to exploite the vulenerability.. read the FAQ's on this site ... then vist the links listed on your web site.... and don't use the lame arse excuse education.. you are drifting to the dark side Luke..!
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    give me a break,
    i'm only 14 years old!

    any way thanks for visiting my site

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