be *sure you have Dell BIOS rev A12 or better or you may suffer the same pain we did today. I then discovered this little gem in my inbox...


From: Windows NTBugtraq Mailing List on behalf of Matt Tisdel
Sent: Mon 8/23/2004 11:18 AM
Subject: Dell Laptops with SP2 Warning

We installed SP2 on 4 different Dell D600 laptops. One of the laptops
experienced a crash that may or may not be related to the service pack.
Upon reloading the laptop with Windows XP, adding SP2 and all drivers;
and adding all necessary applications, it blue screened. We called Dell
and they said that if you don't have BIOS version A12 or later, then you
can experience hard drive corruption.

Dell documentation says to have the latest BIOS installed before
installing any service packs. XP SP2 documentation says we should check
with the manufacturer before installing the service pack to ensure that
your BIOS level is compatible. So, I am guilty for not checking the BIOS
compatibility first, but I thought that I would spread the warning and
maybe save someone from going through the same pain.