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    Well my old Dell Inspiron 2600 Laptop not a problem....
    Used RC2 for a month till the final came out....
    Either way, sounds like it's specific to a certain model (or range of models). I ran SP2 (from the start of the Beta program) on an Latitude X300 without any problem. Since RC2, I've also run it on a Dell XPS, also without a problem. It sounds like a problem with the Latitude 'D' models (I've only heard of the problem on D600 and the D400 models). I haven't seen or heard of any problems with any of the Inspiron models.


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    Hey Hey,

    After hearing this I'm starting to think that MS sent out SP2 a little prematurely... I'm glad to know this thought as many students that come through our helpdesk have Dell laptops, this will at least cut down on the diagnosis portion fo the problem.

    I've also heard from our hardware people that there's been problems with SP2 and AMD. I've yet to encounter this on my system, but I know they've had problems with a few.... I think that SP2 still has a few too many bugs to be viable in anything other than a test environment.

    Thanks for the heads up TH13.

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    I've also heard from our hardware people that there's been problems with SP2 and AMD.
    From what I've heard, that actually has to do with the new NX technology that's implemented by AMD and executed through Microsoft's SP2. And it's only on certain processors (not sure which) with specific chipsets. Disabling the NX temporary will fix the problem. For a long-term resolution, supposedly it's a problem with how AMD implemented it for specific systems so it's their responsibility to fix it.


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    Dell Inspiron 5150 here ....

    SP2 installed last week - nothing out of the ordinary to report - everything seems to be behaving itself.

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    We have about 250 D600s in out enviroment along with 500+ C610s and 500+ c600s

    You may very well have saved me, and my company a **** load of time. I've confirmed that SP2 DOES infact screw up a D600 in our lab. I have no idea yet on if it will cause issues with the older c6xx's - will update thread when I know.
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    ALL D600 machines with a BIOS version lower then A12 will die as soon as a reboot is done.

    “Operating System Not Found”

    It seems the SP makes a lot of changes in regards to you network card settings —It is trying to boot from your NIC instead of the hard drive. To resolve the issue go to BIOS (F2) and restore Factory Default Settings, save, exit, reboot.

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    Yes, Dynag and I were going back and forth with this in PMs. When the laptop begins to post, you will notice that it tries to boot from the NIC and that's when the show begins. We have 200 D600 machines and each and every one was fitted with the A12 BIOS. All is well in Oz.
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    my inspiron 9100 crashed while downloading sp2, i got the blue screen and everything. first my pgp.sdk got errors, then it gave me errors with mem addresses. and finally it wouldn't boot past lilo ('cause i run linux too)! it took me ~ 3 hours to reinstall everything! it was a mess. but now after downloading it again, it seems to be fine.

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    A really fun problem I ran in to was I have an AMD 64 2800 on a MSI K8T FIS2R board, 2 200GB Sata drives in stripe and 2gig memory, WIndows XP. For 3 days I was having trouble with the computer taking 4 minutes to boot. Found that we had to disable legacy USB support. Anyway after all that fighting we got it to work. I was doing all the updates and installed XP SP2. After the reboot got the BSOD. Had to reinstall. Found that AMD 64's have troubles with SP2.
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