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Thread: Microsoft Wireless Base Stations?

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    Microsoft Wireless Base Stations?

    I just got a Microsoft MN-700 Wireless Base Station (a router). At the moment, there are no wireless connections. My computer is the only one connected to it through a regular ethernet wired connection. I'm trying to get to it's web interface to set it up. My first thought when my father bought this into the house was that is not going to work.

    Right now, I'm just trying to access it's web interface. How do I do it? IP? 30 minutes of using Google hasn't returned anything yet, but I'm still on it.


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    Try Refer to the following:

    To open the Base Station Management Tool
    Do one of the following: In the Broadband Network Utility, on the Tools menu, click Base Station Management Tool.


    Open your Web browser, and then type the base station IP address in the Address bar. By default, this address is However, you can change this address from the Base Station Management Tool.
    To log on, type the base station password that you created when you ran the Setup Wizard. The base station password is case sensitive. If you did not run the Setup Wizard, use the default base station password of admin.

    If you do not remember the base station password that you created when you ran the Setup Wizard, you must restore the factory default settings to the base station and use the default base station password of admin. When you restore the factory default settings, you lose the settings provided by your ISP and must reconfigure these settings from the Wide Area Network page in the Base Station Management Tool. For more information about restoring factory default settings, see Reset or Restore Base Station Settings.
    If you set the Microsoft Wireless Base Station (MN-700) to access point mode, you must use the base station name to open the Base Station Management Tool from a Web browser. For example, if your base station name is mybasestation, type http://mybasestation in the address field of your Web browser to open the base station.
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    for some reason, m$ networking gear won't use the 192.168.0.x subnet...
    (not that I own any... but I've seen it used)

    I think it has to do with the fact that if you enable ICS on any of the ethernet interfaces... it automatically makes that on the 192.168.0.x subnet. They don't want that to conflict with any of their other gear?
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