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Thread: Knoppix 3.6 is out!

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    looking forward to grab that CD as soon as possible. It really helps me out in our insitutes lab where there no linux machine. :-)
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    i'm downloading it as we speak , thanks for the link !

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    Anyone test to see how well "Aptget update" and "Aptget upgrade" work after a hard drive install?

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    Any of you guys ever tried Knoppix-STD?

    To be honest, I like it alot better than regular Knoppix; mind you, Knoppix-STD is still in it's infancy.
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    Thanks for the link!!
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    yes knoppix std is still verry young but i love it...but sometimes when you boot up linux you just dont need all the honeypots, port scanners, crackers, etc.....sometimes you just want to check your mail or something...so knoppix is fine...and sometimes even that can be too much
    so i carry along with knoppix and knoppix std the linux bbc distro....very very handy and it includes X of some sort so you can get online and check your mail from any computer in any hotel lobby and so on
    http://www.lnx-bbc.org/download.html <----take a look when ever you get the chance folks
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    Knoppix is a great cd to learn about linux. I also like knoppix std for the way it is set up and the tools that are included. But to just get online at school, I like to use slax. It is small and fast on the slower computers that still exist.
    For more cd based linux distros:

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    Handy announcement, but doesn't this belong in the "Operating Systems" forum?
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    Knoppix and my laptop

    I have a HP ZE4145 that I've been having a hell of a time installing linux on. Redhat 9.0 freezes at the choose ok to install or update.... Mandrake 9.1 has an unrecoverable error on boot from the cd.... phlak wont boot...knoppix std won't boot...3.4 nada//...downloaded knoppix 3.6, same thing...I get the initial knoppix screen, press enter to boot and it just goes black and never initializes.
    1.53 gigahertz AMD Athlon XP
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    Is this because of the Athlon processor?
    I did get Mandrake 10 to install but it keeps insisting on disk 4.. I have 3.. I can't even install any games without disk 4! And my mouse pad won't work.
    I have Knoppix on my old desktop and I love it, I've installed it on my old Dell laptop and it worked great. Why won't it work on this machine??
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