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    maybe your cdrom-drive is defect /lens is dirty. otherwise, there is a minor possibility that your machine has some hardware that has absolutely no compatibility with linux, and i don't mean the cpu, cause that wouldn't be the problem.
    try using knoppix noagp nousb etc, so skip hardware detection..
    as for MK10, the only way you can get cd 4 is by ordering the version from Mandrake if i'm correct.. i have got me a copy of MK10 too, but i have the same issue, but you can still install it without the use of the 4th cd..

    if all else fails, try another distro again, like slackware 10 or so, i must say i find slackware 9.1/10 the most easiest distro's to install.

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    Hmm...new version of Knoppix...

    Last version I tried, I burned it onto a CD-ROM several times over, and continued to get I/O errors while booting. Oh well, maybe I'll try again with this new release.

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    My cd lens is ok.......everything else works, I'm to the point that I'm sure it's a hardware problem. I know about cd 4 in Mandrake, but I was able to install mandrake 10 on 3 other machines, including games, without the constant instistence on cd4 like I get on this laptop.
    I'm not sure about noagp nousb ... on boot from the cd it just says BOOT: I press enter and nothing happens.
    I will try other distro's if all else fails, but I have tried just about all of them at one time or onother on different machines and I really like KNOPPIX.. I also like mandrake.
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    You nead to find out at what point Knoppix is stalling and then use the apropriate cheat code to by pass the hardware detection phase for the problem piece of hardware. For instance Knoppix STD stalls at the scsi detection part of the boot process on my laptop. To get it to work i enter," Knoppix noscsi" at the boot screen.

    Cheatcodes are used to pass values to KNOPPIX, to help with getting it working on difficult hardware. You type them into the boot screen, shown to the left, and press enter/return. The format is "kernel opt opt opt ...". Usually "knoppix" is the right selection for the "kernel", options as listed below (in Gnoppix is Credativ).

    Example: "knoppix xvrefresh=60 noscsi floppyconfig"

    You can type more than one cheatcode before press enter (i.e. knoppix lang=us knoppix xmodule=fbdev).

    Note, the latest version of the Knoppix cheatcodes is always available here : http://download.linuxtag.org/knoppix...cheatcodes.txt

    More info here:http://www.knoppix.net/docs/index.php/CheatCodes
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