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    pgp keys

    I just downloaded pgp's freeware, version 8.1, and was wondering where i could find a random key generator that would give me a strong key. thanks

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    IMHO i would suggest to make up a difficult password to generate a key, so that its almost impossible to break down the key.

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    IIRC PGP comes with a password-strength meter that shows you relatively how strong your passphrase is as you enter it. That should be more then you need I think... plus why would you need a strong key generator? I mean, you still need the passphrase, and for that you can use basic password selection steps... move out of the alpha-numeric range, try out alternative caps and use some wicked symbols. And don't make a dictionary or slang word to show up in leet speak or anything, most decent wordlists implement those features...

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    You should have a program called PGPkeys that came with PGP freeware. Check in your start menu for that. When PGPkeys is opened, there is a button all the way left that generates new key pairs. For your password, longer is better. Just pick your 8+ favorite letters and numbers and thats your new password.

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