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Thread: Phreakers

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    Unhappy Phreakers

    Well my friend has recently been told she will be hacked, and I am to believe this guy is full of bullshit, but you can never be to sure. He has threatened to get a phreaker on her phone line/cable or whatever. Is there anyway to protect yourself from a phreaker messing with your cable? Luckily for her she has no home phone, just cable internet/tv.


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    Re: Phreakers

    Originally posted here by philman213
    Well my friend has recently been told she will be hacked
    Scareeey, spookeeey, as long as it is not with an axe, who gives a ****.

    Originally posted here by philman213
    Is there anyway to protect yourself from a phreaker messing with your cable?
    Yes, if your friend, or yourself knows who the said phreaker is, break his f***ing arms, end of story.
    Why did I bother replying to **** with more ****? Waste of resources. OK I'm pissed
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    Hey, please chill out folks..............

    But hes some dude on the net
    So this is some sort of P2P chatroom thing?..............it has to be?

    My advice in these sorts of situations.............assuming that there is no physical threat possibility (that IS 911, and don't mess around!)....... is to imagine that you are going on vacation. You would secure your house/appartment wouldn't you?

    1. Make sure that your operating system is up to date
    2. Update your antivirus
    3. Update your anti-spyware & Adware
    4. Update your anti-trojan

    I am sorry that I do not have links to hand, but do a google search for:

    1. RegistryProt by DiamondCS (Australian company)
    2. WinPatrol by BillP Studios (American company)

    Install them, they are free

    As a precaution, run your updated SpyBot Search & Deestroy and your AdAware 6.0 in SAFE MODE.............do the same with your AV application.

    Go on the net and run "housecall" from PC-Cillin and Panda Software's interactive scan. You do those in "normal" mode.

    Search for "SwatIT", download update and run (yes, it takes a long time, but is very thorough)

    That should make sure that you are currently clean.

    You should also have a firewall..............if it is not incorporated in your AV product, try the free ZoneAlarm and just ignore the bits that try to get you to ZoneAlarm Pro, then set everything to maximum.

    Some information you left out............

    1. What operating system?
    2. What web browser?
    3. What IM/P2P application

    Now you are moderately secure.............after you answer my questions I might be able to help you a little bit more,

    You say you are on cable?.............ring them and ask them to change your IP address...........before you do this, you either need to get a router (a hardware device) or set up a proxy server account...............that will hide your true address from the attacker.

    Hope that helps

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    Re: Phreakers

    Originally posted here by philman213
    and I am to believe this guy is full of bullshit,
    I second that.

    Now im wondering why you would even waste time posting all that after announceing the above. You do realise what a seriously pointless endeavor it would be to play with someone's lines, right? With VoIP you could make a call appear as if it's being placed in virtually any corner of the globe now, services are getting cheaper and cheaper, & what the feck is this guy going to do with cable besides order new channels and jack-off to porn.

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    There's usually a way to tell if somebody is faking it:

    • If they tell you, bluntly (unless their a total scriptie whore)
    • If they're really vague about "how" the "hacking" was done
    • If they use big, complex words to explain their "hacking" (if google spits out stuff that conflicts with logic, its probably a hoax)
    • If... nothing really happens. Of course, they could be using you as a warez dump - but if there is no bandwidth being taken up, nothing "out of the normal" (stupid windows hacks that mess with your desktop or monitor, for instance).

    This is just a simple run-down checklist for those who truely are security-illiterate. Sometimes people freak out too much, not saying that being over-precautious is bad, but some people just overkill the situation.

    Hope everything works out.
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    OK, no matter what anyone tells you, Phreaking is NOT dead. For one thing, have them like, once a week or so, go outside, and take a picture of the phone lines and things of that nature outside.

    This way you can compare each one. If something looks different, call the police....Actually the hell with that, they won't know what to do. Call the guy who's doing it and Black Mail him for cash saying you'll send them to the FBI.

    Next, call the phone company and let them know about this. Then start making some long distance expensive calls. They will be free.

    Woops.. OK, don't read that last sentence. Pretend I never said it.

    But do call the phone company so they can keep an eye on your account.

    Oh, now that I have read the rest of that post, and now realise there is no phone line, just cable, read my post and learn how to get cash out of criminals.

    I don't think anyone who makes open threats like that is going to be smart enough to tap a Coaxial cable that the cable company uses for Internet, but if she uses wireless, then you do have a valid worry.

    Remember if the Wireless network she may or may not have is unprotected, it works both ways once they hop on Filling the poor bastard's HD with images of tubgirl.com would probably make them think twice about doing anything else to you.

    A bit of BOFH love goes a long way

    You could list more detail.

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