Browser DoS through viewing of a malicious page that repeatedly loads iframes of C:\Windows\System32 using 100% cpu
Tested on Mozilla Firefox 0.9.3, Opera 7.54 and IE 6.0 - Opera gives the error "The address type is unknown or unsupported" over and over


<scr1pt language="JavaScript">
document.write("<iframe src=\"C:\Windows\system32\"></iframe>");
Discovered by MeFakon from the su1d exploit development team


Tested this in Mozilla 1.7.2 and Epiphany 1.2.6 in Linux (kernel 2.6.8,
Gentoo, Gnome 2.6.2).

Each browser comes up with a warning about running the script. The user
can chose to run it or not. Either way, a dialog box reloads over and
over until the main window is forced closed with xkill.