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Thread: dso exploit

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    dso exploit

    there is this dso exploit that keeps repeating in its occurance even if i scan and repair it infinite number of times.

    is there a background program that is re-injecting this ? if so how do you identify which one is it ?

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    What program are you using to scan/remove?
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    My guess is that you are using Spybot S&D. The exploit is there because of Internet Explorer and the security setting for downloading unsigned Active X controls for My Computer (supposed to be hidden). Umm if you you have updated and patched your system like you should you don't have to worry about this because it gets fixed . The reason why it keeps popping up is that Spybot isn't fixing it like it should. The bug in Spybot should be fixed in later releases b/c it has come up in the forums on their site before. Anyways, good luck and welcome to AO.

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    Spybot 1.3 beta has addressed that issue..Hmmm, or maybe it is public now.

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    Yea I keep getting the same thing....doesn't seem to be a threat though so I wouldnt worry about it.

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    Try Downloading "spyware blaster" it is supposed to stop spyware dead it its tracks, so maybe when it repeats; blaster will stop it

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