Uhhhh....could it be the fact that at the moment he accounts for about 60% (as in 6 of them are his recent IDs) of the "recently banned members" list?
Heh, that would be my guess as well

I still suggest that you take a LOOOONG break from posting like the mods advised you to.
Ditto, although it looks as if this advice won't be taken.

I mean, it isn't like he is the only person on AO to just copy and paste news stories and then expect AP because they keep us "informed". -glares at various AO members-
pooh, I hope you are not insinuating myself because I do not expect greens when I post news stories (or anything else for that matter). Yes, I do like to keep everyone informed and personally the site I go to that has these news stories tends to keep on top of things.