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Thread: What's wrong with my email?

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    What's wrong with my email?

    Hi everyone, I use yahoo email and every time I sign in with the right password and ID, it doesn't show my mailbox. Instead, it prompts me for my password again and again. The only way I managed to sign in is by re-enter "mail.yahoo.com" into the address bar. Then it leads right to my mailbox. Why is this happening? Does this mean my email is being hijacked by someone else? Thanks for your help

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    Are your cookies enabled?

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    Simple your email just doesnt like you.

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    kryptonic may be right.. OR you may have an issue with your cache...

    If your running IE go to Tools -> Internet Options

    Delete Cookies, Delete Files, Delete History

    Close all open windows of IE and reboot if you want to be really clean about it.

    PS - I can't see why this would suggest your email is being hijacked.
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    whats the URl that you get when it asks you for your password again. and you will be required to enter your password again if anyone else log's in to your account at the same time.
    better still check your pc for malwares. do a completer av scan of your computer and then run a anti-spyware. you can get either syp-bot or adware. for a greater control over BHO's you can install spywareguard.
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    /subtle hint

    CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD......................NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    That should always be your first move if you suspect unauthorised access to just about anything.

    I think that dynagnosis has some good advice as well, it sounds like something corrupted in your browser. However, ByTeWrangler has more good advice as it never does any harm to check for malware.

    The three tools to look for are:

    SpyBot Search & Destroy
    AdAware 6.0

    remember to run them in SAFE MODE

    Then update your AV and run that in safe mode. Afterwards go to Trend Micro and run their online scanner "housecall" and Panda software for their online scanner.

    You might try downloading a different browser like Mozilla 1.7, FireFox, Opera as well as IE, and see if you can successfully link to your e-mail through that. I personally always install several browsers as they allow me to pinpoint browser problems.

    Good luck, please let us know what you find

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    Taking a quick peek at your hosts file might not be a bad idea either.
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    Before we begin screaming "hijack" like a bunch of silly whitehats, let's get more information:

    1. What browser are you using?
    2. Are cookies enabled on your browser? According to yahoo mail cookies are required (http://help.yahoo.com/help/uk/mail/a...access-01.html)

    Enable cookies if needed:

    For Internet Explorer
    1. Open Internet Explorer
    2. Select the "Tools" menu and then click "Internet Options"
    3. Select the "Privacy" Tab
    4. Move the slider up or down depending upon the desired level of security you would like
    5. You may also click the "Advanced" button and select how you would like cookies handled from the options provided.
    For Mozilla
    1. Select Edit, then Preferences from the toolbar.
    2. Expand Privacy & Security and click on Cookies.
    3. Click Enable all cookies.
    4. Click OK.
    For Mozilla Firefox
    1. Select Tools, then Options from the toolbar.
    2. Click on the Privacy icon.
    3. Click the plus sign by Cookies.
    4. Make sure Enable cookies is checked and that Accept cookies normally is selected.
    5. Click OK
    For Opera
    1. Select File, then Preferences from the toolbar.
    2. Click on Privacy.
    3. Make sure Enable cookies is checked.
    4. Make sure Automatically accept all cookies is selected.
    5. Make sure Accept from all servers is selected.
    6. Click OK.
    3. Have you tried clearing your browser cache files so you are loading the yahoo mail page completely fresh?

    For Internet Explorer
    1. In Internet Explorer, choose View > Internet Options. Internet Explorer displays the Internet Options dialog box.
    2. On the General tab under Temporary Internet files, click Delete Files.
    3. Click OK to close the dialog box.
    4. Hold down the SHIFT key and click Refresh on the toolbar to reload the page.
    For Mozilla
    1. Click "Edit" from the Mozilla menubar
    2. Click "Preferences..." from the "Edit" menu
    3. Expand the "Advanced" menu by clicking the plus sign
    4. Click "Cache"
    5. Click the "Clear Cache" button
    For Mozilla Firefox
    1. Click "Tools" from the menubar
    2. Click "Options from the menu
    3. Click the privacy icon
    4. Click the "clear" button beside the Cache
    For Opera
    1. Click "Edit" from the Opera menubar
    2. Click "Preferences..." from the "File" menu
    3. Click the "History and Cache menu"
    4. Click "Cache"
    5. Click ok to close the Preferences menu
    4. Have you noticed any odd emails or activity in your yahoo account?

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    Not that I am an expert, but as I understood things if cookies are required, and you have them blocked, you don't get in?

    The only way I managed to sign in is by re-enter "mail.yahoo.com" into the address bar. Then it leads right to my mailbox
    That does not sound like a cookie problem to me, otherwise why does it make the connection by simply re-entering the address? Sounds more like a browser corruption as dynagnosis suggested and might be resolved by Pooh's item #3.

    However, being the cynical paranoid that I am I ask myself "what caused this to happen?".............

    I would still do the clean up suggested and change the password, if only for your own peace of mind.

    Also (I don't use Yahoo) if there is an automatic preview facility, I would turn it off.


    BTW.............I don't think that we are "screaming hijack"...........as I read this thread the concensus seems to be that it is not. After all it would be incredibly clumsy if it were, given the obviousness of the symptoms?

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