I'm setting up a 2 box hobbyist test enviroment, I am planning on installing some bogus tools that are advertised in pop ups and whatever else I feel like.

So far, here is my planned process:

1. Install Windows and update.
3. Launch filemon, regmon, procexpnt, tcpview from a cd | Launch sniffer
4. Install and use target software
5. Save logs to usb drive and shutdown.

For steps 2 and 6, I'm looking for a bootable tool that will MD5 hash all the files on the drive. So for step 2, I'll hash, step 6, I'll verify. Then step six will tell me which file have been modified.
I'm looking for some kind of boot disc that will allow me to save to a USB key with those results, because my bootable networking luck hasn't been too hot.

Step 3, I am looking for possibly better (and free) options to monitor activity.

Any other ideas / suggestions will be awesome too.