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Thread: US raids Net song swappers

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    US raids Net song swappers


    Each of the five hubs contained 40 PETAbytes of data, the equivalent of 60,000 movies or 10.5 million songs, Ashcroft said.
    PETA sounds a bit too big, I know hard drive cost per gig is dropping, but not by that much.

    Guessing about $.50 or fifty cents per gigabyte, average hdd cost now, that would be about $20,000,000 total for the cost of the storage space alone.

    Odd coincidence that 650MB (avi movie) x 60,000 = 39,000,000 MB ~ 40 TERAbytes
    Unless they were sharing 60,000 DVD Images at 6.5GB a piece

    Same with the songs, 3.5MB (mp3 song) x 10,500,000 = 36750000 MB ~ 40 TERAbytes
    Or they could by sharing raw wav formats of 35MB per song

    If it was true that they were sharing 60 thousand raw dvd images, and 10.5 million raw wav format songs, then damn, I wish I would have been connected to it.

    Some other interesting trivia facts iTunes is proud to state that they now have just over 1 million tracks avaiable. Glib on the right side.

    The IMDB is proud to state their index of over 400 thousand movies. (400,000 titles)

    These kids were pretty good, beat out iTunes by 10 times fold, and 150% more movies than the entire International Movie Database site!

    I wonder if this story just might be being played up just a tad bit. . .

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    These kids were pretty good, beat out iTunes by 10 times fold, and 150% more movies than the entire International Movie Database site!
    dam I better run now lol

    I wonder if this story just might be being played up just a tad bit. . .
    Yes I would think so! Unless they were rich kids or theives of the local HD maker I doubt they would even have half that size. The current government and basicly the whole world<definately the corprate one> doesn't like when even a little thing like an old sega rom is used illegal[on sega roms you are only allowed to use it for 24hrs then you have to delete it, what a bunch of ****]. But the last I read its up around 100,000 us dollars for each illegal program and the like.!! So maybe they did have a crap load but the media, being as illiterate as they are-seaming that they can't get the term hacker right and have bastardised it, probably just fluffed it up to snag a couple of headlines.....Last thing-ASHCROFT what a joke!( umm maybe asscough?-bad joke srry) what a joke!

    Good read The3ntropy!
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    I wish they would have said how the trading was being done. If it was a private network, then I would be interested in how they discovered the sharing going on.

    In order to join the network, members had to promise to provide between one and 100 gigabytes of material to trade, or up to 250,000 songs, Ashcroft said.
    Sounds like direct connect or something similar. Corporate level servers use terabytes, not petabytes. But the article may not be wrong, because they may have hosted a p2p server of some sort that connected to petabytes of data (collective file size of thousands of p2p clients)

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    Targeted in the raids were people operating "hubs" in a file-sharing network based on Direct Connect software.
    From the article...

    I joined direct connect just to see what it was about. I just created one HUGE .rar file that was over 1gb... I was never on long enough for someone to try to get it... and it was full of phish .mp3s which phish doesn't care about. They allow the trading of their bootlegs... as long as users don't sell them. Traders can charge for media (CDs or Tapes) but not for the music itself.
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    I suppose the entire point is not the fact of the storage but the fact the the current Bush Wack Admin and the music and motion industries use these facts as distorted as they are to put new laws into place that remove the rights to fair use even though they own copyrights. Things keep up as they are I'd have to keep my entire CD collection in my car not a good place enviro wise for CD's. So play around and if you have points here that add up to age simply vote it does make a difference I should know it is how the war in Nam ended kiddies and the truth came out
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    Wonderful fact about the Direct Connect protocol: You can spoof how much you're sharing, and duplicate files are still counted in the total-content-on-this-hub thing.

    In other words, I think it's highly likely some real moron informant got on the hub, checked out the total file stats (reported by the hub as an aggregate of voluntarily reported and unaudited member stats), and one or more people were running a client modified to overstate their share size by a ludicrous amount.

    As for the 'had to promise' bit, it sounds like someone simply set a minimum-share requirement on the server, booting clients that were leechers (at least the obvious ones).

    In the end I'm pretty sure one or more people completely bungled in understanding the real dynamics and technical aspect of these figures. (I mean, gawd, 40 petabytes minimum on EACH server? I know someone who ran a server in his dorm room and it couldn't reliably handle more than 300 active member connections).

    Not to mention that DC servers, as always, are merely indexing and searching hubs. Not storage.

    nationwide file-trading network.
    My god, that's so amazing! I mean, most people don't trade files over distances of more than a few miles due to the lack of carrier pigeons!
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