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    Definitly not terrorism IMO. I'm Turkish, so if I go deface a website I'll get captured and sent to Guantanamo Bay... lol
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    the concern that one should have is whom would it be directed at? do they have the expertise? how would they do it? do they have the infrastructure to carry out such an attack? Would it be external or internal or perhaps a combination of both?!

    I do not believe that dDos would not suffice here, that could be blocked, or operations Servers/data moved. i believe that if such an attack be carried out, it would rather be done from within the system, like they did with the (humble apologies) planes.

    more than that i would not like to say, not give anyone ideas ......just make aware. for me, it looks like they want to attack the financial institutions and fed government.
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    If there's going to be any terrorist activity, It would remain a secret till its executed !. The so called "rag heads" aren't that dumb enough to declare a specific date for attacking.In war there's no Sunday,there's only victory and defeat.

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    I didn't really beleive to much that it was going to happen but you never know. I mean suppose a group of people could stop the internet. Imagine what a whole bunch of people could do to the world. I dunno its just something to think about I guess.

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