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Thread: Access Points

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    Access Points

    What utility can I use to detect rouge access points and that will show me the IP address, MAC address and if possible WEP configs. I have Net Stumbler but it's very limited.

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    Well to detect APs in general NetStumbler does a pretty good job... other then that there's AirSnort and Kismet that I would recommend [not sure if there are Windows ports]. And the thing with 'rogue' APs... what exactly did you mean? I know what a rogue AP is supposed to be, I'm just not sure what you meant by it...

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    Kismet can detect APs that are not even beaconing (broadcasting their SSID) since it puts the card into RF monitoring mode (No driver in Windows does that to my knowledge). Use the Knoppix-STD boot CD to run the Linux version, pretty simple if you laptop hardware is not too exotic.

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