Questions in Roll Call will NOT get any replies
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Thread: Questions in Roll Call will NOT get any replies

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    Questions in Roll Call will NOT get any replies

    Ummmm well I'm new here.......ok I'm not :P but its Roll Call all the threads are meant to start that way - its a law or something

    Anyways just to let any people who have just arrived here that any questions you ask in this forum will not get any replies! Take a look at all the threads in here - none of them have any replies....thats because you cant reply to a thread in Roll Call

    Roll Call is only for letting the community know that you have arrived and to introduce yourself - any questions you may have should be placed in the correct forum - by using the correct forum it will not only help keep the forums tidy but it also means you have a higher chance of someone with expertise in the given area seeing your question and halping you out

    ok hope thats cleared things up for some people


    edit >> some may have replies (like this one) but the only way it can have replies is if
    (a) a mod or admin replies t it
    (b) the thread was first posted in another forum and was moved to here by a mod or admin

    just incase people were wondering why very few (but still some) threads have replies
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    Just found your site it looks interesting so I joined and am looking forward to conversing with ya all
    one person at a time
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    Hello new members,

    When we see them, moderators will move a question into what we think is the best forum for you to get a prompt response

    Val~ is right though, please do not mix your introduction with a question......

    Thank you

    knightshade............... please post a new thread......... this one is very old, and you should introduce yourself properly
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