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Thread: Portable Linux

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    Portable Linux

    FLASH: Introducing GlobeTrotter!

    It's fast, it's light, it's slick and it's a complete Linux
    system on one mobile hard drive...

    You may already have a mobile phone, a laptop, a PDA, a calculator, a
    tablet PC and a portable paper shredder, but there's one thing you've
    been missing, and that's a light, inexpensive, yet powerful mobile
    Linux system. Mandrakesoft's new GlobeTrotter, based on the LaCie
    Mobile Hard Drive designed by FA Porsche, is a USB mobile hard drive
    loaded with a specially tuned version of your favorite Linux
    distribution, and it's the missing piece in today's range of mobile

    GlobeTrotter gives you a complete Mandrakelinux system and 30 GB of
    user data on one beautifully designed and fast LaCie hard drive. Using
    it is child's play : plug it in whatever computer you have at hand,
    and turn it on. All your hardware is detected and configured
    automatically - just sit back for a minute, and get ready to
    experience GlobeTrotter. It has all you've learnt to love in a
    Mandrakelinux system : ease of use, stability, speed, fun, and the
    power you need to get real work done.

    If you wish to learn more about GlobeTrotter,
    please visit:

    Purchase your Globetrotter now for only $219 USD / 199 Euros at:

    Mandrakesoft Online Team.
    I got this in my email today and thought it was kinda cool. So I decided to share it with everyone.
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    Seems kind of expensive... probably because of the hard drive...

    But can't you make your own?

    Take a Maxor one touch backup drive with about 80gb will cost about $150 or so....

    Then load your own distro.

    For booting, you can use a boot cd, floppy, or boot directly to the usb HD...
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