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Thread: Ministry of p0rn

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    Ministry of p0rn

    Tax dollars being put to good use...

    The British government has fired 19 civil servants and disciplined more than 200 in an unprecedented crackdown on viewing Internet pornography at work, officials said Thursday.
    The Sun newspaper said staff at the Department of Work and Pensions had accessed two million pages of Web porn in the last year. One employee alone accessed 103,000 hardcore images.
    Britain Fires Civil Servants at Ministry of Porn

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    Holy crapola! 103,000 images!?!?!?! I mean a little porn is ok every once in a while but THAT MUCH?!?!?! I guess it's about the same as the people with like 5 hard drives full of it... but still... That's too much... Especially at WORK!
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    Some people just don't get enough action.. either that or they can't get women.
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    What's wrong with a little variety?? :P
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    well as the saying goes, don't mix business with pleasure..

    Heck throw the book at 'em, and send the collection to me...
    {The pr0n needs to be carefully analized image by image }

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    Originally posted here by The Grunt
    Holy crapola! 103,000 images!?!?!?! !

    Bah thats about 1/3 of what I got. Hell I got about that many movies. LOL

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