Here's a weird problem for you.....
HP ze 4145 laptop running win xp pro and Knoppix 3.6 dual boot.
while running linux the laptop will randomly shut off when running on battery power even at like 85%, and WILL NOT START UP untill the charger is plugged back in. ( The laptop will not start when pressing the power button after this wierd shutdown!)
Windows XP will run without a problem untill the battery is completely dead.
My thoughts.........
1> Hardware problem....Yeah but why only in linux? Knoppix somehow overheating the hardware?
2> Virus..... But Linux has never been on the net because my netgear card won't work YET..and Windows is virus free as of AVG and no files have been transfered or accessed from hda1 to hda5.
3>Linux power options.... Are set to always be on, besides why shutdown at 85% or 45%?... this is a random shutdowm no matter what level the battery is... and it WILL NOT RESTART.
4> Bad battery.......just bought it 2 weeks ago. and XP does not have any problem running from the battery....
Any idea's?