Here is to hoping I don't get negged for shameless self promotion... I really want some input from all of the other webmasters

I've been spending a lot of time trying to gather content for my web site (Network Security / Tutorials / Book Reviews / Forums / etc) ...Its been a good start so far but I was hoping I could start a thread discussing mothods of getting fresh new content to keep people coming back.

So far I've been going back through all the things *I* learned from and contacting the authors to see if I can include it (with link back and full credit of course) on my site - I've had pretty good responce with this method but some request payment.

I've also contacted many authors and senior members of this site requesting to republish their tutorials on my site (again - great response there).

What are YOUR thoughts on:

- best methods of obtaining interesting, focused content
[Free content... as this is a free site.. not a business]

- methods of generating activity on forums

- suggestion on 'teaching' methods when it comes to buffer overflows, intrusion detection/prevention, penetration testing, etc.

Thanks for your input,