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Thread: HACK NOTES network security portable reference

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    HACK NOTES network security portable reference

    This 240 page book is written by Mike Horton and Clinton Mugge.The authors have definitely

    not tried to avoid Jargon.The book is meant for people who have an intermediate

    understanding of what networking is.Theyv'e presented the concept of hacking in systematic

    manner.This would be a very good buy for system administrators because almost every

    aspect of Network security is discussed here including physical security.The book's got two

    sheets complete with links to useful tools, from keyloggers to forensics.I recommend newbies

    to avoid buying this book.

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    Could you put a link up to it on, say, Amazon ............
    Just so the lazy gets like me don't have to leave their comfy chairs.
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    Originally posted here by foxyloxley
    Could you put a link up to it

    Computer says no
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    i'm pretty sure it is a nice book, i have the "Hack Notes, Web Security" book (it's on the same page as the link above), and with this book it is also well written but indeed some use of jargon, and it really helped me with sql injection. i still must get a copy of "Network Security", and i'm pretty sure it is just as usefull as the other

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