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Thread: Saving Money On Books

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    Saving Money On Books

    ------------------------$$$ Saving Money On Books$$$ -------------------------

    " Money Saved is Money Earned "

    This guide is meant for all those geeks who spend a lot of cash on books.Now if ur in the

    U.S or in Europe you can save upto about 80% on books after reading this tutorial .Usually

    when books are released there are different editions.The edition that you get to buy in the

    U.S is really costly.Then there's this Eastern Economy Edition which is really cheap !.But its for

    sale only in countries like India,Pakistan,Bangladesh ( Thats why they call it Eastern

    edition !! ). There are a lot of people from these countries in U.S and the Europe.All you

    need to do is ask them to buy it for you when theyre going back home for a vacation or

    something !.Now if you are in the East and wanna save more cash accompany a student with

    you.Usually there's a student discount of about 10%. You can also save a lot of cash by

    calling a tender.First get a lot of buyers for a book that you want to buy.Then call a tender

    and start bargaining.I know a lot of people who save a lot of cash in this way.You can also

    buy second hand books from Amazon for cheap rates.

    Here are a few price comparisons

    1.Hack attacks revealed 12$ (east) 70$(U.S)

    2.Network Security Hack Notes 7$ (east) 20$(U.S)

    You can always look for free books on the net .Check out these links



    PacKET Thirst

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    dont forget about.. http://safari.oreilly.com

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    I just steal from my IT friends..
    They usually buy 'em and read in a day and i come along and pinch 'em

    Or i will just troll around the local Bookshops and barter with the people working there, or i go to markets and snoop around until i find the gold..


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