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    Go on Undie's:
    Become a trendsetter ...........uninstall Firefox and fit Outlook Express

    You know it makes sense
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    Foxy~ behave yourself!.............you are not suggesting Outlook Express unless he also installs the VTP9.0.0043, build2957? are you?

    (VTP = Virus Transfer Protocol )

    Undies.............. I have been trying it for around a week on my XP box and just cannot replicate the problem...............it goes up to a maximum of 86% opening some of the adverts, but drops straight back down to around 10% (fluctuating)

    I have tried my best to provoke the problem.............maybe it is a clash with other software?

    My XP is pro at SP1, otherwise fully patched. It is an Athlon 1900+, 1gig RAM

    Have you tried updating all audio/video codecs? The reason I ask is that a mate of mine brought me a whole load of stuff from airshows, and he had some updated codecs to run the clips with.........we installed those, so maybe that is the answer?...........bit of straw grasping I know

    Please keep me posted on how you fare with the new FireFox..........I still have the old one that you were using.



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    Put a Bandaid on the problem..

    created a hosts file .. listed with as many adservers possable all pointed at

    the mail culperit was a HP add that was still present on VirtualDr till earlier this week..

    some of the webpages now load a little quicker..

    The ads never realy worried me.. It is how many companies make their revenue. like a fact of life.. but like a badly placed bilboard on a hiway.. some of these banner adds can cause problems.. and need to be delt with.. in my case.. I REMOVED ALL of them..well 99%

    Still means that there is a problem with flash and FF.. but the programmers will get to the problem in due course.. but is seems that the number of people that have noticed the problem and then thos ethat have actually said something..

    I have noted that the problem is more noticable on AMD CPU systems.. but i am comparing a 2000XP with a PIII-1G.. and a Duron 800..

    oh well thats life..

    Cheers.. and thanks for the Input.. always appreciated..
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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