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Thread: Controling Image Scale with CSS

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    Controling Image Scale with CSS

    Hrm dunno if this is possible but thought would ask see if anyone knows more about it - i have a series of images on website which i want to reduce in size on mouse over

    eg : image starts of at 50x50 on mouse over reduces to 30x30 on mouse out goes back to 50x50

    is there anyway this can be done through css etc?


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    Take a look at this if you need a plan B. It's done via Javascript..

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    It's a really bad idea to change the size of things in :hover CSS styles.

    This is because it affects the page layout, and can cause things to move about dramatically. This not only looks bad, but can also cause "oscillation" effects, where the mouse moves over an item, which causes it to move somewhere else.


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