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Thread: All hardrive files gone!!!!!

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    All hardrive files gone!!!!!

    Hi there ppl!

    I dont know if this is the correct forum to ask this, but has im a newbie and all this happened suddently i need URGENT help!!

    I went of vacancies on August 10 and left this PC to the care of my father ( big mistake for what i know now .. and when i got home, yesterday, besides the usual mistakes i knew it would have, a much bigger problem occured!

    My second hardrive with 35Gb of files stored ( games, movies, programs, web design sites of my own etc ) disapeared!!! Nothing!! When i try to see whats on the drive this message appears: The Disk on Unit D is not formated. Do you wish to format it now?, and it says that its a RAW unit!! What the fu** happened? ((((((((((
    My father said that he did nothing to it ( and i belive it ) because he doesnt know shi* of PCs!
    Im really devastated because the collection of files i had toke me years to complete, and i though it was safe on a separated hardrive ((((

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    First and foremost, calm down. When you panic, mistakes happen.

    Second, if in fact the partition was lost, do not fret. The files are still there. When the drive is formatted, or when a file is deleted, it is not really deleted unless you overwrite the space it occupies by hex values.

    Now, you need to get a program called Get Data Back (http://www.runtime.org/gdb.htm) that is by far the best recovery tool I have ever used, but it does not recover anything other than FAT or NTFS. However, this tool is not free. I have not found any free tools that does the same job.

    PM me for more info.

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    just asking. Did you go into ms-dos and do a dir search to see if it can give you anthing?
    cmd or command>dir drive letter/p
    *this will give you a list of programs,directories and the such but only if it can read it.

    About your father, no disrepect here!If you have the capibilities to make a seperate account for your father that has a limited account, do so! This will still allow him to do what he likes but if something happens most likely it won't do its damage or aleast all of it! On my old computer I had to fix that piece of **** a hundred times or so because of my parents just clicking on things! But listen to albn-good advice there!

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    It would help if you said what operating system and file structure you were using.....

    As albn has said DO NOT PANIC.............we can help you and we shall.............I take the Asiento treaty very seriously ............I guess that you are only about 2.5 hours flying time from me..........

    I hope that it does not come to that, but if it does, so be it.............are you anywhere near Lisboa?.....you should have had your problem when I was over with you ....about 3-4 months ago, just before the football?

    Operating system and file structure please..............and be careful, the data are still there..........please do not damage them.


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