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Thread: Installing DHCP server in WinXP

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    Installing DHCP server in WinXP

    Hi, I have WinXP Pro running, and I want to add a DHCP server, I don't think it has one built in. So, I also have Windows 2003 Server, both Standard and Enterprise. Now, I know for sure those have the DHCP server, now the question of the day is, how do I install DHCP server from one of those CDs on to my WinXP installation?


    If there is a better DHCP server that I can get for free (legit), any info is appreciated.

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    Hrm. By the way you worded your post, I am led to believe that you're probably not running a really complex or large public network. Are you certain that DHCP is what you actually need in the first place?

    Perhaps there are some other solutions that would better suit your needs. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

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    On windows server edition, you cand DHCP installation among others, like DNS. Maybe its already installed on your system. Take a look at administrative tools panel.

    Its free. If you have a legit Windows Server, its free.
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    Well, I only have 2 computers, desktop and laptop. Desktop is connected to the internet via ethernet. Desktop also has a wireless card, and I have ICS enabled, so that I can connect my laptop to the internet via the wireless on my desktop. Now, in Windows it is not too inconvenient to assign a manual IP in the Alternate configuration for network, so that works. But in Linux (I have both on my laptop) I run into problems, and so far, got wireless (using ndiswrapper) to connect only to something that has DHCP assigned IPs.

    cacosapo: I am running WindowsXP Pro, not server. I have the server CDs, but I do not actually have it installed. My question was how to install it from those CD's, would have to be some sort of manual installation I guess, like.. shove the files where they belong, and shove some registry entries to where they belong...

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    Hey Hey,

    What exactly are the problems you have in Linux? Setting an IP address is rather simple.

    ifconfig <device> <ip address> netmask <subnet mask> up

    eg. ifconfig eth0 netmask up

    Then set yourself a gateway.

    route add default gw <ip address of gateway> <device>

    eg. route add default gw eth0

    My opinion has always been if you're going to do it, take the time to learn the proper way, don't attempt to find another option just because you can't solve it the first time around. If you are having problems with your Linux box, ask us about those problems... That's the easiest way...

    If you have your heart set on DHCP and you must use MS then use a Server product, not a desktop OS....

    Another solution you could play with if you want the DHCP route... set a DHCP server up on your linux box and just be sure the pool matches the range of addresses used by ICS.. However that brings up the question.... can a DHCP server request an address from it's own pool?..

    Also... doesn't ICS assign addresses? Last time I checked it would assign addresses to the clients... you didn't need to set them automatically.

    Anyways... let us know what happens.

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    Well, the issue became kinda irrelevant now, since my laptop got stolen along with my backpack.. there went my 2000$. Whoever has it now should really enjoy it, great setup... Guess it's back to pencil and paper for me for the rest of my college days

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