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Thread: Operation Web Snare

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    Operation Web Snare

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    It is ease with which these crimes can be done and get away with , makes them wisepread phenomenon. Including more and more government agencies from different countries (specially originating countries) can we have better protection against these simple but time consuming crimes like spamming.
    And yeah user level information about security on net is basic funda too.
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    im unsure what it is like over in the states and other areas of the world. but apart from free mail servers and you can sign up with any name you like, Australian ISP's do not require any proof of ID when opening an account. this is of course meaning that you can open a new ISP account, under any name you choose.

    This in itself is a security threat, how are you supposed to know who is who.... it keeps the internet anonymous... and prevents those people (under other names) to remain hidden from authorities.
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