I happened to play a game called Metal Gear Solid 2 by Konami. You play the role of Raiden,an

assassin who's sent to rescue the President who's held hostage by a terrorist group.

As the game advances Raiden discovers that the U.S is actually controlled by a gang of 12

people called the "Patriots".The President is just a puppet in their hands and the Presidential

elections were all staged dramas !!. The patriots found that the Internet was a threat to their

rule because of its uncensored and uncontrollable information unlike other media of

communication.So they staged an another drama called the " Y2K bug " and released fixes for

the bug.These fixes were actually programs to monitor the activity of users. Now i'm not

trying to say that the Patriots actually exist or something.But i definitely feel that there's

something fishy about the Y2K.Check out the article in the following link


I know that Adobe Acrobat has a code written by the government which prevents users from

scanning currency, a code that even the makers of Adobe have any idea about.Don't you think

that big brother is watching is ??.Who knows even the OSs that we use are also modified by

the government.Isn't privacy our BIRTHRIGHT ???

What do you folks think about about this ... ??

PAcket Thirst