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Thread: call centers transfer!

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    call centers transfer!

    The booming business call center which is famous in the United States is targeting other countries as well to economize the business. Of course its cheap if they're not going to spend $$$ to pay for the client and for the employee. They have invested in doing business in India, where most of the people are inclined with computers a lot, real techy people, but since it is a call center business, you need to communicate in good and can-understand english as well, but American customers don't seem to understand what they're talking about, they can solve the problem but they cannot understand them..

    That's the time they have tried investing in the Philippines where they know that Filipinos were articulate and have good communication skills. Suddenly, the business became the most interesting job for job hunters, huge compensation, compared to any day jobs they could find.

    Then there came a news that Chinese, Koreans and other Asian countries are starting learning English really hard, they are also preparing themselves to be better in the field and soon may be they will be the next call center hub in the world

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    Are your call center conversations as confusing as your post?

    Working for an ISP in a call center is hell on earth. The training is a joke and fixing your problem isn't their goal - they're usually contractors and it's call-times, call-times, call-times all the way to the nervous breakdown.
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    Yes, I too was a call center techie. Moissonite is absolutely right - its devolved into a 'grunt job' that most (right minded) computer people don't want to do. I did the AOL thing when it was still in the US (read my post on tech humor for more) and yes, it was call times, and this little 'telsave' thing (read telemarketing hidden into the tech support). Neat incentive, we got paid a dollar for every member we convinced to let us transfer them to it, but we got written up and fired if we didn't offer it. Go figure. Now you get a nice lil India Indian on the phone telling you how you too can save on your long distance bill, after he attempts to solve your problem in the least amount of time.
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