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Thread: Dvd Copying

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    Dvd Copying

    I never did this before so I was wondering best method for doing this. I have a DVD+R Drive does that mean I have to use DVD+R discs to record? At the store they have 50 piece dvd-r I was wondering if that would work and anyones thats what my dvd player says I need to play. Any recommened software to use in order to create a fully functional image of a dvd that will fit on the blank dvdr's. A link to a tutorial or guide or just a quick go by for making backups for movies would be greatly appreciated.

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    R means read W means write - and + are the media format and DL is dual layer another media format. From this you can infer that writing a dvd will not work witout a DVD RW drive. http://www.doom9.org/ is a very good site for dvd info. DVDdecryptor is a very nice free win product for decrypting dvds
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    if your DVD burner is a +R, then you have to use +R media. some DVD burners are +/- so it won't matter which you use. Mine is a +R but my pop has a stand alone component that is -R.

    I use dvdshrink to compress my dvds. I normally remove all the crap though.

    Look @ http://antionline.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=261052

    I posted a tutorial I found that is great for copying your DVDs.
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