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Thread: to collect lost data from HDD

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    to collect lost data from HDD

    Recently on my desktop computer due to the power my HDD is not functioning any more.Is there any cute way to recover lost data, I know the head of the HD definitely strike with the platter that's why there was a noise, still is there any hope?

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    If your HDD has had a head crash you are toast..............only a professional lab recovery job will work.

    Sorry mate, that's the way it is...........your head is not reading properly

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    Bringing your drive to recovery experts is going to cost you a huge amount of money. so I would take the time and think about if it is really worth the expense to get what data is on the drive. I really hope after this experience you will make backups of all your data on to removable media such as CD-R's when you get a new harddrive.

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