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Thread: Another Kerry OOPS according to Boortz.

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    Lightbulb Another Kerry OOPS according to Boortz.

    Hmmm...... Perhaps Kerry had Alzheimers in 1968. Let's seeeee.......JFK was shot while I celebrated Christmas in Cambodia.... Yeah that's the ticket.

    The Poodle has been caught in a couple more lies, and these are pretty good. Maybe not as good as the 'Christmas in Cambodia' one, but still good ones. First up, speaking last year at a Martin Luther King celebration, The Poodle told an audience that he remembered hearing the tragic news of Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination while he was serving in Vietnam. The problem?

    John Kerry did not begin his four-month tour of duty in Vietnam until at least 7 months after the shooting. Whoops. "I remember well April 1968, I was serving in Vietnam, a place of violence, " said The Poodle. Does Kerry remember anything that actually happened, or just only concocted memories to make himself look good?

    Then there's this regarding a Navy citation, signed by then-Secretary of the Navy John Lehman. This citation was the second such citation for Kerry's Silver Star .. and it was signed in 1986, right around the time Kerry was beginning his Senate career. This Lehman-signed citation had a far more glowing description of the incredible heroism of John Kerry during that action in Vietnam.

    Now .. here's the rub. Lehman doesn't remember signing that second citation. Lehman says "It is a total mystery to me. I never saw it. I never signed it. I never approved it. And the additional language it contains was not written by me."

    So .. how did this happen? How did it come to pass that John Kerry suddenly has a second version of a citation for the same Silver Star ... a version much more glowing in its effusive praise for the actions of the heroic Senator? Just how did John Kerry arrange this? We'll never know, my friends, because there won't be any push to find out. And why not? Because Kerry is a Democrat and, as a recent poll shows, 11 out of 12 Beltway journalists want Kerry to win this election. You are just left to imagine what the media reaction would be if it were George Bush sneaking around the halls of the Pentagon trying to have his military records embellished.
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    Kerry lied??????? NAH! Thast just Blasphemy


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