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Thread: Major Problem!!

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    Major Problem!!

    Hi folks...My name is Jade and I am a newbie here...

    My problem is this...I tried to 'dl Netscape 7.2 recently...when I clicked on the window that says" click if you want to restart computer now to finish install", it took me to my desktop....I noticed all of my files were there...Next thing I know a Windows Installer Window pops up that keeps trying to install MS Money2002.Over and Over..Everytime I hit cancel it just keeps starting over..anytime I would hit ANY button,link, folder,icon,etc...the window would pop up and start the "install"(although it would never actually install because it said i needed the disk)process all over...

    Then I looked and HALF MY PROGRAMS WERE GONE! The little blue and white icon replaced all of the icons of the programs and when I would click on my programs it would either say "missing shortcut" or "the network drive that the link refers to is unavailable"(something like that).

    I then look in my event log- I see allot of ANONYMOUS 540 Logons..But I scan and scan and dont APPEAR to have any virii or Trojans....I can tell there has been remote access to my computer..I did a Disk Snoop and found all of my HTML files and there qwere all of these Remote Accesshtml pages from WINNT/PCHEALTHCTR/Remoteassistence...that I had never generated..I dont knwo if one has to do with the other but.....also, I have Zone lab and I get about 10 to 20 intrusion alerts per hour.....I didnt have the FW until AFTER this started though..Agian, i dont knwo if the intrusion has anything to do with the main problem of any time I hit anything the install starts

    I have installed a few security updates, etc, but NONE of this happened until I installed Netrscpe 7.2..I uninstalled STILL THERe...reinstalled still there....

    Can not do a system resore....DId an XP repair install, the repeated MS MONEY install thing STILL THERE...Programs still gone...ARGH! Any thoughts?

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    OK.... First thing.... Don't panic and do something rash... I know, it's hard, we've all been there....

    Your post is a little confused and hectic so let's try one step at a time and try to get rid of the MSMoney thing.

    Go to the control panel and uninstall both MSMoney, if it's there, and all versions of netscape. If you have MSMoney data files that you use make sure yu back them up first.

    Then get back to us and tell us if that has stopped the "install MSMoney" issue.
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