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    component diagrams

    i'm looking for a hardware diagram for the dell dimension 4600, would anyone be able to point me in the right direction. My google efforts have been futile. I'm planning on raping the parts and using them for another machine, but i'm not to knowledgeable in the hardware field. I'm more of a software guy. thanks for help

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    Do You want an Electrical Circuit Diagram? Have seen PPL selling REpair information and diagrams on eBay. And that even may not include a Circuit diagram..

    My Personal View is You don't realy need one for what you are planning to do.. Perhaps perhaps a motherboard manual (this normaly give the locations for various switches. plugs, sockets) is what you are after .. this will certainly help you learn to identify what the various components look like.. and give you general specifications for the mobo, and what range of modules could be used , ie how much and what type of memory, what type and speed range for the CPU .. The mobo manuals normaly can be d/l from the manufacturs web sites ie www.dell.com

    BUT then these may not be enough to help you identify a component ie CPU, RAM or video card well enough to gauge if it will be suitable in another machine.. Also.. Component level ratting is not realy recommended.. even the best with a soldering iron have a high failure rate .. So all you will gain is what is the RAM and CPU.

    I would refine the Google search from HARDWARE DIAGRAM.. and just visit Dells website and do a search on the specific model number you have.. even better.. check out the support pages.. that has saved my tail with many machines.

    Also read more tutorials and do what your planning.. re-build a few old clunkers, fiddle and learn... but don't practice on your new $3000 u-beaut super games machine not just yet..

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    If your going to rob bit's of an old box i would only use the bit's you can take by hand. Processor, fan, ram, any cards etc. The electronic bit's on the mother board will most likely get fried if you try to unsolder them. Mother boards are multi layered. It is not realy viable to remove these components.
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    there are certain things that i would like to know what they do. I know where the important stuff, ram, fan, processor, vcard, etc. i would like to know what the little things control. i'll check out the site for a mobo manual so i can literally RTFM! and then if it helps i'll get back to you! thanks!
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    Put in your model there, you should be able to get a list of technical specifications that list what came with the computer.

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    yap try http://support.dell.com/support/top...;l=en&s=dhs
    i already tried its a good source

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