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Thread: Hardware Firewalls ??

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    Hardware Firewalls ??


    is there really harware firewalls????

    and why the microsoft's website can't be breakin in to

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    Rachid Abdallah -

    I am not sure if this is just a joke or what but I will answer your questions. Although I feel this is just an attempt to advertise or something.

    is there really harware firewalls????
    You bet your ass there is. Look around the site there are a ton of threads on this topic.

    and why the microsoft's website can't be breakin in to
    I am not sure but I would say that, i feel that with enough time and effort any site can be broken into. You may not be able to erase all your tracks and get out of the server without being noticed but that doesn't mean you didn't gain entry.

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    is there really harware firewalls????
    Well, that could be a matter of thought process I guess. The first being, put "hardware firewalls" into your favorite Internet search engine and you will see a multitude of different brand names of hardware firewalls.

    However, the second thought: isn't it just a dedicated appliance loaded with an OS that performs that function? Meaning that software is controlling the hardware firewall?

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    Ah *pats his 3com*

    Nice firewall


    *kicks the firewall*

    Bloody thing has hung again!

    *shakes the 3com*

    Cannot connect.. cannot connect! - but the lights are green!

    *fetches the sledgehammer*

    What do you mean we've lost the firmware disk!


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    A simple search on AO came up with this:http://www.antionline.com/search.php...by=&sortorder=
    As to the second question...a bit borderline...but I'll let it pass:Every site's vulnerable really..getting inside's easier compared to getting out with all your tracks covered as MilitantEidolon pointed out..and Microsoft has it'ssites hacked all the time..dont think www.microsoft.com has ever taken a hit tho..here's the miracle of google:http://www.google.co.in/search?hl=en...e+hacked&meta=

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    What you refer to as a "hardware firewall" is frequently called a "router"...............most routers have hardware firewall capabilities as well as routing ones.

    Microsoft have been compromised in the past, but they are a very large and powerful organisation...........not a good target I would have thought. They pay rewards for successful convictions of hackers.

    It is a bit like hacking the FBI or the Lebanese secret police: it would provoke a very vigorous and unfavourable response

    just a thought

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    Yes there are several companies that make hardware firewalls, as people have said. They can be a router, or a PC acting as a firewall/router. RedHat boxen are commonly used as firewalls. Check out www.sonicwall.com if you want a good example of the all the types available.

    Microsoft may very well use a hardware level firewall, but they also run ISA (Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration) http://www.microsoft.com/isaserver/

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    What you refer to as a "hardware firewall" is frequently called a "router"...............most routers have hardware firewall capabilities as well as routing ones.
    Very well put old friend, too bad I greened ya on that other thread.

    MrCoffee: Yeah, I've worked with SonicWall before and I must say it's ease of use and simplicity (as far as hardware firewalls go, but then again I've barely worked with them so who knows) really catch me. Configuration isn't too shabby either.

    And about the microsoft bit: Hacking a webpage (ANY webpage) isn't really the hard part. Getting out without being traced or traced onto some sort of log/not getting caught is the hard part. Anybody can run scans on a websites (aka fingerprint the website) and find exploits, ports open, etc and hack it from there. But doing so and not getting caught is the tricky part. By the way, I am in no way, shape, or form encouraging you to do this. It can/and probably will get you in trouble with the law and it is very unethical for you to use your knowledge for evil and malicious purposes.
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    Firewalls don't route, they inspect and pass data, they don't change the sending or destination address. Some routers do hiwever have firewall capacity.

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    Microsoft site cant be hacked??? LOL Its been a few times before. Basically any site can be hacked if you want to do it bad enough.

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