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Thread: Changing an IRC mask

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    Changing an IRC mask

    I recently started using IRC and was wondering if there is a way to change the way your mask appears to other people. I would feel more comfortable if people didn't know what my ISP is. Are there any apps out there that could help me out?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You could use a proxy, or HttpTunnel would do the trick.

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    Some networks will allow you to have a custom hostmask if you're a valuable member or you donate. Other than that using a proxy of some kind (or connecting to a remote server and running IRC directly off that if you have a shell account) is really the only way unless your ISP doesn't have reverse DNS (in which case people will just see your IP address).
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    You could use hostserv-options if those are enabled yes. But most IRC-servers these days have a mechanism to hash out a pretty important piece of your hostmask.

    And btw you should be pretty safe if your firewall and such is in place and functioning well.

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    The internet is a public network. Emphasis on public. I don't think that is stressed anywhere near enough.

    Some servers allow you to obscure your hostmask using a user mode, some do it for you automatically. It varies by network, but I recommend reading the site for your IRC network's servers to see if they support such functionality.
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    I obtained a proxy for myself, called MultiProxy. However, I logged onto IRC before and after disabling/enabling the proxy. My mask was the same regardless of whether the proxy was on/off. Now I don't know much about proxies but i noticed that MultiProxy connects to port 8088 where as my IRC client connects to port 9000. In order for the proxy to take effect on IRC do I need to change the port that MultiProxy connects to? If not, how do I make it so that MultiProxy will change my mask when I'm on IRC.

    <note> Some of you have said that I probably don't need to worry about my IRC mask and I trust your judment, but I am curious now and would like to see if I can do it anyways. </note>

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    try googling around for bnc accounts since they will mask your isp and your ip as well..

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