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Thread: DDoS-for-hire

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    A Massachusetts businessman allegedly paid members of the computer underground to launch organized, crippling distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against three of his competitors, in what federal officials are calling the first criminal case to arise from a DDoS-for-hire scheme.

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    pretty good idea in theory hehe , He obviously did not know enough about it. If you do that **** you are going to get caught.

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    Man you don't keep logs of a convo like that on your HD.

    Thats like killing a guy and putting the gun up for display in your house.
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    Indeed, his actions and his actions afterwards were foolish (and childish). Just goes to show you what big buisness will do or go to in order to get ahead of the game.
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    **** they found me!

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    haha, never ddos from ure own ip...

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